JennStory JennStoryBecause we’re all stories, in the end.

I hope at the end of my life I’ll be allowed to read my story, to look back and understand my part in the Author’s storyline. Until then, I do what I can: I watch for little stories in my days; I record; I look for meaning, and I love.

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Mennonite Jewish ShalomMennonite Jewish Shalom

I’m an Anabaptist music teacher from Indiana doing life in Jewish Brooklyn, NYC. Visit my blog to learn and discuss all things Jewish and Mennonite!

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Properties of Light 1Properties of Light movement. color. sound. story

Hi! On this blog, I write about my love affair, my sprawling close family, the unusual and intriguing people God brings into my life, and funny stuff. Once in a while I write about being Mennonite. So nice to have you here! Step right on in.

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QuiltinGalQuiltin Gal – Barbara H. Cline

I am a wife, mother of 5, and a quilter. I blog on highlights of the month in 2 categories: life in general and life as a quilter.

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UltimateMetaphor 6

Ultimate Metaphor – when earth mimics heaven

As a middle school English teacher who often notices metaphors, I love seeing how God uses mundane life to show who He is and who He is not. Richard Foster says “The material world is created, in part, so as to make visible…the realm of the invisible.”

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