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ComeintotheFields.wordpress.comCome into the Fields – Song of Solomon 7:11

Come Into the Fields is an invitation to come apart, be still, and to ask questions that will take us into a deeper knowledge of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Will you come into the fields?

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dwight-gingrichDwight Gingrich Online – exegesis, ecclesiology, and exploration

This website exists to build up the Church of Jesus Christ by helping her listen carefully to the Scriptures. You will also find some pages with personal content—anything that is important to me that I wish to share publicly. Happy exploring!

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In Search of a BrookIn Search of a Brook

I’m a Kansas farm girl doing life in a southeast Asian city, who gets confused about her identity at times. Here you’ll find random bits of poetry and glimpses of ordinary life lived in another culture.

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JennStory JennStoryBecause we’re all stories, in the end.

I hope at the end of my life I’ll be allowed to read my story, to look back and understand my part in the Author’s storyline. Until then, I do what I can: I watch for little stories in my days; I record; I look for meaning, and I love.

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90x90 Chain GravatarRhapsody in D – composing a life symphony for the Father

“Rhapsody-music-freeform musical composition: a composition that is often irregular in form, emotional in effect, and improvisational in nature.” That fits me.

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Shasta's FogShasta’s Fog

Hi, I’m Esther and this blog contains my moderately curious, generally critical, yet fiercely hopeful thoughts about education, Mennonite culture, and traveling.

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The CuratorThe Curator

The Curator is a poetry publication platform sharing quality work by contemporary poets.

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