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  1. Read the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith here.
  2. Fill out the application form with your affirmation of the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith, blog link, blog description (1-2 sentence/50 words or less), and categories (5 maximum).
  3. Email your square logo/photo (150×150). We can crop the photo for you if necessary.

(Blogs should have a minimum of 5 posts.)


Post your blog posts in the Facebook group, Pinterest Board, or Twitter. You may also copy one of the logos onto your blog to show your membership in the directory.



Our Name:

“The Mennonite Game” jokingly refers to the typical conversation between two Mennonites meeting for the first time: they often try to find connections such as mutual friends, relatives and organizations. Similarly, this directory seeks to provide connections for those with Mennonite interests.

Our Niche:

We recognize that many Mennonites do not support the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith. However, this directory serves a specific niche and notes that there are other Mennonite online groups available for those looking for something different.

Our Beginning:

After living outside of a Mennonite community for 7 years, Tabitha Driver found that seeing a stranger with a covering made her almost giddy; it was nice to know she wasn’t the only one with a “thing” on her head.

Wanting to connect with other Mennonites, she spent hours googling “Mennonite blog” (and other similar searches). After clicking irrelevant link after irrelevant link, she eventually found several blogs, but she knew there had to be more. If only there was a Mennonite Your Way directory for blogs! A year later, she started one. Shortly afterwards, Luci Miller joined the team, focusing on the associated facebook group.