ArabahRejoice.comArabah Rejoice

Hearing God’s voice, cultivating a deep relationship with Christ, and bringing His presence to people around me are my passions. I also homeschool our four energetic children, glimpse God’s love through my deafness and, as the only Mennonites in town, regularly fellowship with Christians from other denominations.

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pollyshowalter.wordpress.comBeautifully Broken

I’m a southern Mennonite raised farm girl, who married a Pentecostal Pastor and moved to the city. This online journal documents the truths God whispers to my heart amid transition and my love for Jesus, my husband, people and the beautiful things!

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bethany-marieBethany Marie

lifestyle blog featuring travel, recipes, and lifestyle tips and thoughts on everyday life

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born-to-know-himBorn to Know Him

We are all born to know Him. Sometimes life gets in the way of seeing the big picture… but all it takes is a moment of choosing to die … again, pressing on toward knowing our King.

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Hopeful ThingsHopeful Thingsblogging with the intent to inspire

Hello, I am Hope, the one behind hopefulthings. I enjoy creating recipes, entertaining guests, gardening, graphic design and photography. And last, but not least, I am a follower of Christ. Without Him I am nothing. I strive to use the gifts God has given me to glorify Him.

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JennStory JennStoryBecause we’re all stories, in the end.

I hope at the end of my life I’ll be allowed to read my story, to look back and understand my part in the Author’s storyline. Until then, I do what I can: I watch for little stories in my days; I record; I look for meaning, and I love.

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Megan Fox UnlockedMegan Fox Unlocked

I share weekly video blogs (vlogs) about what life as a young Mennonite mom looks like. I hope to break down misconceptions, offer inspiration, and share the love and hope of Jesus through every post.

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Mom on a MissionMom on a Mission

As a missionary wife and mom of four littles, I write about mission and family life, food, and books.

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My Windowsill

This blog is about my faith, my family, and my world. Come pull up a chair and stay a while.

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Pursuing our PurposePursuing our Purpose

Our vision is to encourage young women in their spiritual journey. We have inspirational posts as well as DIYs and recipes.

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QuiltinGalQuiltin Gal – Barbara H. Cline

I am a wife, mother of 5, and a quilter. I blog on highlights of the month in 2 categories; life in general and life as a quilter.

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the-days-of-my-lifeThe Days of My Life – Kendra Landis

This blog began when I was a single missionary trying to keep in touch with people back home. As I transitioned to being a married homemaker, and then to being a mother, the content and major themes have changed, but in general, it is as the title says–The Days of My Life, and the joys, struggles, humour, and tears that those days bring.

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The Realization of GoodThe Realization of Good

Realizing one version of “the good life,” one day at a time. I believe, like James wrote, that “every Good & Perfect thing is from the Father above”. So I’m filling my little corner of the internet with record of the good things He’s showing + giving me.

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thrifty-frugal-momThrifty Frugal Mom – where food, family & finances meet

I love sharing simple, from-scratch recipes, inspiration for successful homemaking and lots of great money saving ideas. Come join me!

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