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Bethany-AboutMyFathersBusiness.blogspot.comAbout My Father’s Business – Luke 16:10

This blog is an outlet for my feelings, thoughts, ponderings…as I learn the truth that the daily, the normal, the mundane, the usual, is in fact, what constitutes being “about my Father’s business”! Join me?

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ArabahRejoice.comArabah Rejoice

Hearing God’s voice, cultivating a deep relationship with Christ, and bringing His presence to people around me are my passions. I also homeschool our four energetic children, glimpse God’s love through my deafness and, as the only Mennonites in town, regularly fellowship with Christians from other denominations.

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pollyshowalter.wordpress.comBeautifully Broken

I’m a southern Mennonite raised farm girl, who married a Pentecostal Pastor and moved to the city. This online journal documents the truths God whispers to my heart amid transition and my love for Jesus, my husband, people and the beautiful things!

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bethany-marieBethany Marie

lifestyle blog featuring travel, recipes, and lifestyle tips and thoughts on everyday life

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Christopher WitmerChristopher Witmer

Thoughts about life, the pursuit of a wild, adventurous God, journeying through depression, what it means to follow Jesus, wrestling through Anabaptist heritage and convictions, church, all that good stuff. Not many answers, just thoughts, ramblings, and my own story.

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Confessions of a Woman Learning to LiveConfessions of a Woman Learning to Live

I write about life so it doesn’t sink me: hard questions, good books, what I think of Jesus, and who put all these socks in the laundry. I learn from my mistakes when I confess them.

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Days of DebiDays of Debi

a glimpse into my life as a missionary in the beautiful city of León, Nicaragua

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delaware-grannyDelaware Granny

I blog about my life as a Delaware Wife, Mama, and Grammy. Sunshine and saltwater, laughter and tears– each day I look for reasons for grateful praise.

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Dewdrops of JoyDewdrops of Joyfinding joy in life’s everyday things

I am a Christian, a missionary, a wife, a writer, and a mom of two young children. My blog, Dewdrops of Joy, mirrors all of that in posts of fun children’s activities, occasional written sketches of living in Africa, and things pertaining to God and, well, life. Come visit me!

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dwight-gingrichDwight Gingrich Online – exegesis, ecclesiology, and exploration

This website exists to build up the Church of Jesus Christ by helping her listen carefully to the Scriptures. You will also find some pages with personal content—anything that is important to me that I wish to share publicly. Happy exploring!

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90x90 Chain GravatarFaithful in the Journey – Psalm 33:4

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In Search of a BrookIn Search of a Brook

I’m a Kansas farm girl doing life in a southeast Asian city, who gets confused about her identity at times. Here you’ll find random bits of poetry and glimpses of ordinary life lived in another culture.

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musings and adventures of a Mennonite girl from Indiana doing life in Brooklyn, NYC

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JennStory JennStoryBecause we’re all stories, in the end.

I hope at the end of my life I’ll be allowed to read my story, to look back and understand my part in the Author’s storyline. Until then, I do what I can: I watch for little stories in my days; I record; I look for meaning, and I love.

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Life in the ShoeLife in the Shoe

I’m a pastor’s wife, mother of 6 grownups, and author from the grass fields of Harrisburg, Oregon. I write about the quirky little events of our lives, the big projects, the passing of time, the constant changes.

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Life of a Plain LadyLife of a Plain Lady

My blog gives tidbits of my life in general, around the home and farm. I also share some of the going-ons of our Brethren community.

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Paradise Mtn MusingsParadise Mountain Musings

Hi! I find inspiration in my work on our family farm as well as my travels as a vandriver for local horse and buggy Mennonites:) God continues to shower unending love on my life. Please stop by and be encouraged to see His work in your life too! Blessings, Kendra

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Pilgrim NicciPilgrim Nicci — journeying on

My blog is a testimony of the pilgrim’s journey.

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I love the Lord because other people spent time describing Him to me. I feel indebted to them – and Him – so I blog, hoping that my honest confessions from my own journey with God will encourage women to seek and know Him.

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Properties of Light 1Properties of Light movement. color. sound. story

Hi! On this blog, I write about my love affair, my sprawling close family, the unusual and intriguing people God brings into my life, and funny stuff. Once in a while I write about being Mennonite. So nice to have you here! Step right on in.

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Psalm 34.8Psalm thirty-four eight

a collection of snapshots from the life of an itinerant, most-of-the-time-Central American missionary girl

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Sprinkles of SunshineSprinkles of Sunshine

a lifestyle blog focusing on healthy living, travel, cooking, and decorating

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QuiltinGalQuiltin Gal – Barbara H. Cline

I am a wife, mother of 5, and a quilter. I blog on highlights of the month in 2 categories; life in general and life as a quilter.

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90x90 Chain GravatarRhapsody in D – composing a life symphony for the Father

“Rhapsody-music-freeform musical composition: a composition that is often irregular in form, emotional in effect, and improvisational in nature.” That fits me.

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Shall Run and Not Be WearyShall Run and Not Be Weary

I blog about adoption, living with orthopedic special needs, and normal family stuff.

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the-days-of-my-lifeThe Days of My Life – Kendra Landis

This blog began when I was a single missionary trying to keep in touch with people back home. As I transitioned to being a married homemaker, and then to being a mother, the content and major themes have changed, but in general, it is as the title says–The Days of My Life, and the joys, struggles, humour, and tears that those days bring.

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The Realization of GoodThe Realization of Good

Realizing one version of “the good life,” one day at a time. I believe, like James wrote, that “every Good & Perfect thing is from the Father above”. So I’m filling my little corner of the internet with record of the good things He’s showing + giving me.

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this-extraordinary-lifeThis Extraordinary Life

a blog about the ordinary and extraordinary things of life. . . making every moment beautiful

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Written Down BigWrittenDownBig – a canvas for wonderings, thinkings and discoveries

I write about literature, subjects I care about, and the stuff of daily life.

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